work-study program

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an educational plan in which students alternate between paid employment and formal study

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Unlike a work-study program, these types of studios often allow you to work for pay and take free class.
Last year, the work-study program was reduced by nearly $50 million, costing 33,000 students their work-study jobs in the fall.
If you are not eligible for scholarships, grants or work-study programs the next option available to you is financing your education through loans.
Included among the methods are accounting internships and related cooperative work-study programs.
Similar to the Nativity Miguel schools, the Cristo Rey Network heeds Catholic social teachings and the Church's preferential option for the poor, but with an additional layer of complexity, the corporate work-study program.
Freelance dancer Stefanie Piatkiewicz praises the sense of community she has gained as part of the work-study program at the Lou Conte Dance Studio.
Roughly one in four adults in 12 former Soviet nations say they would like to move to another country for temporary work (24%) or to study or take part in a work-study program (25%) if they had the opportunity to do so.
The grant, through the education board's Illinois Cooperative Work-Study Program, enhances public-private sector partnerships, reduces student reliance on loans, encourages permanent employment of Illinois graduates in the state, provides links between academic programs and employment and gives students additional information on their chosen career fields.
But for colleges, a long-discussed increase in the federal minimum wage may become the latest challenge for the federal work-study program, which offers low-income students an opportunity for additional financial aid in exchange for part-time work.
The Tokyo metropolitan government's board of education began studying plans Monday to adopt a German-styled work-study program into certain public high schools, board officials said.
The work-study program was especially important to these students.
Bush while describing the school's unique curriculum that includes a Corporate Work-Study Program in which students spend one day a week working at a corporation in the city.
The corporate work-study program has proven an innovative success in the sustaining the Cristo Rey model, but also poses justice implications in terms of the relationships that some of these schools have with businesses/corporations that do not embody values of the Catholic, Jesuit mission, but are needed to sustain it, which poses challenges in maintaining the Jesuit social justice dialectic.
They will discuss the unique work-study program central to the Cristo Rey model, which not only helps students offset the cost of their tuition, but also supplies businesses with the equivalent of one full-time entry level employee.
He said the work-study program could provide an extra incentive for Arkansans to finish their college educations, as the state ranks second-to-last in the nation for the percentage of residents 25 and older holding bachelor's degrees.