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disinclined to work or exertion

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The media could do what they do now, which is to receive a comprehensive itinerary, and be in a position to photograph each second that the work-shy family is at location A, doing job x/y/z.
A work-shy writer discovers a Victorian man living in the wall of his flat.
Portraying people on benefits as work-shy is not only false, it encourages employers to discriminate against people with disabilities, on the basis that they don't really want work.
The Chancellor paints a picture that those claiming housing benefit are work-shy layabouts getting their home subsidised by the taxpayer.
The creation of a huge bloated 'public service', the destruction of a personal sense of responsibility, duty, honour and patriotism with our vast legion of people on welfare, their indulgence of the feckless, indolent, work-shy and unlimited immigration.
This government is slowly but surely fragmenting society by setting one section of society against another by classing people on benefits as work-shy regardless of their disability.
Long-term unemployment has doubled not because of a sudden increase in work-shy scroungers, but as an inevitable result of economic policies based on cuts that destroy growth," said TUC general secretary Brendan Barber.
Work and pensions spokeswoman Dr Eilidh Whiteford said: "Danny Alexander's assumption appears to be that everybody on benefits is somehow cheating the system or work-shy.
All too often, we see or hear stories that portray youngsters as poorly educated, work-shy and uncaring.
TORY Iain Duncan-Smith wants to get the work-shy off their backsides into jobs to save our country a packet.
Canadians are most work-shy, with fewer than 11 per cent hitting the 48-hour mark.
It does dismay me that we are still pandering to this stereotype of the lazy, work-shy, lone parent who doesn't do a very good job of bringing up her children anyway," she said.
The show, featuring the dysfunctional family of work-shy Homer, long- suffering wife Marge, young mischief-maker Bart, brainy sister Lisa and baby Maggie, beat British programmes to the No 1 spot.
Tom Thumb is an opinionated 20-year-old work-shy hippy who hitchhikes to India from the UK with no money.
ONCE again we have a royalist trying to tell us that it costs only 62p a year to fund our work-shy royal family.