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a table designed for a particular task

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In addition, large samples or fixtures can be accommodated by a deep throat measuring 175 mm and by fitting an expanded work table to the instrument.
CCT recently brought out the Simo laser system, with a single work table that remains stationary during trimming.
The Vereinsbank is one of the first to use Siemens latest telephone system, operated by a touch screen which flips up from the work table.
The workstation al so may be supplied with a convenient wrap--around work table for staging components while loading and unloading.
Clean lines also characterize a stainless steel sink, the appliances, and a sewing machine on a work table near the window.
Tenders are invited for Work table as per gsf drg no m 9757a
The reversible motor allows users to work on both sides of the work table.
This "habitat" was outfitted with a large work table and four bunk beds; the walls were covered with images of the Gelatin boys naked, album covers, cartoons lampooning Julian Schnabel, a picture of Michael Jackson, and clips from pornographic magazines collaged, Berlin Dada style, with other images, heads placed on different bodies, bodies situated in shockingly funny ways.
These are simply presented as one per work table (two in the case of Potsdamer Platz).
Guyson offers its Model RXS-900 indexing spindle-blast system equipped with a work table for operator convenience.
A special waterjet cutting workcell that uses what ABB I-R Waterjet Systems, Grand Oaks Court, Wixom, MI, calls a Cutting Box is equipped with a rotating work table and 6-axis articulated servodriven robot to cut around the edge and cut out a variety of hole shapes in fabric covered formed fiber headliners.
The work table, which will include representatives of institutions and civil society, will aim to propose solutions to issues such as the decline in the enrollment of women in secondary school technology studies and in the University, the scarce presence of women in positions of technological work, macho attitudes and gender harassment in the consumption of digital content and the sociocultural influence of gender roles and patterns in the new technological environment.