work surface

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a horizontal surface for supporting objects used in working or playing games

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Extron Incorporated, the North American manufacturer and distributor of Knurr electronics enclosures, control room consoles, and mobile carts, is launching its new touchscreen-embedded work surfaces in its control room consoles at the Emerson Global User Exchange conference on October 12-16, 2015.
Using height-adjustable work surfaces for sitting and standing
The property retains many original 19thcentury features, including Minton tiles and stained glass windows, and the kitchen has a range of units, granite work surfaces and a large central island
Units allow continual work surface by aligning side-to-side and back-to-back.
Work surface cluttered with miscellaneous nails, screws, hardware, whatever?
Series 64 perforated stainless steel cleanroom tables allow uniform airflow through the work surface, and eliminate eddies and stagnant air pockets that are on or above the work surface of solid-top tables.
There was no proper work surface, a small decrepit sink - half hanging off the wall - and a grimy freestanding cooker.
is gearing up to launch its first companion storage and work surface line to match its laundry products.
To shape stollen, scrape dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and press into a rectangle about 5x12 inches.
Cosentino have just launched the Rivers range--a new Silestone quartz work surface designed to reflect the beauty and harmonious tones of nature.
At 78-inches diagonal, the whiteboard's work surface creates edge-to-edge interactivity without compromising the system's mobility by altering outer dimensions or weight.
It is suitable for updating resident charts and prescription notices, or any other activity that requires a flat, sturdy, quickly accessible work surface.
Built to anchor to the rear of a work surface and attach to a VESA-compliant flat-panel monitor weighing 18 Ibs.
biz) converts a user's desktop or work surface into an audio speaker that is ideal for use with a projector, laptop or portable DVD player.