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a usually rhythmical song to accompany repetitious work

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Real work songs, as Fiona McNeill points out, had "an almost mechanical meter" because they "were not only sung to maintain the pace of manual labor, but to perform a manual labor that required counting.
Besides the take-off on Work Song, the parody features versions of I Dreamed a Dream and Red and Black.
Rather than beginning with the post-war era, like much literature on folk music, Cohen sketches a history of attention to American work songs that reaches back much earlier, but primarily to the early decades of the 20th century.
He certainly does not stick to the usual romantic based songs, with tracks like Mr Kicks, Work Song, The Snake, Sygnifying Monkey, Sixteen Tons and Watermelon Man.
A Debt is Paid" and the long poem "John Henry Tells Alan Lomax About the Work Song the Night Before He Races the Steam Drill" will make you place Van Jordan Somewhere between Sterling A.
The work song is a utilitarian form whose main function is to synchronize the efforts of workers who must move together as in, say, a chain gang.
Theodorakis' musicotheatrical work Song of the Dead Brother is a song of praise to human dignity and the universal need for remembrance.
He finished with Work Song, which for me was the best track of the night, and made it easy to fall in love with the Irishman.
Capital Sun is hoping the film their second single, The Work Song will be an online sensation.
mama, the saint of the work song That my brother, the ghost of the
Like Frank Lloyd Wright, the Wisconsin-native subject of Simonson's 2000 play Work Song, Lombardi was a local hero who became an American myth.
6 Work Song Nina Simone recorded this many times in her professional career, and the song has become one of her enduring legacies.
Quieter notes are struck on 1815 Irish anti-war ballad and Easter Rising anthem Mrs McGrath (especially for those who always wanted to hear Springsteen sing too-ri-aa, foldid- dle-di-aa) and the haunting work song Erie Canal.
On Saturday night, REM shone with a blistering set which included the opening Finest Work Song from the album Document.
The big band was the 19-piece Wigan Youth Orchestra which put on a fine show and tackled such demanding charts as Neal Hefti's Girl Talk and Nat Adderley's Work Song with great aplomb.