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cause to go away through effort or work

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The expansion of the Property Tax Work Off Program Boston is an important Age-Friendly accomplishment, and the City is eager to continue its work on behalf of our senior residents.
com looked into the calories in our favourite drinks and the exercises needed to burn them off and discovered th that just one glass of red wine would take 60 squats to work off.
They've found that just one glass of red wine would take 60 squats to work off.
Even one roast potato - at 164 calories - would take 35 minutes of dumbbell exercises to work off.
AUBURN -- For several years, qualifying senior citizens have been able to work off part of their real estate taxes by working for the town.
Every quarter, groups of students from Auburn University elect to live and work off campus in the impoverished counties of western Alabama.
He wants to go to Upper School, but instead his uncle sends him off to Stallery to become a page boy, insisting that he must work off his bad karma by putting an end to some bad person in power up at the mansion--who, exactly, the uncle doesn't know, but it's Conrad's job to find out.
In the Single-Income Ruralpolitan group, the operator primarily works off the farm, while in the Double-Income Ruralpolitan group, both the operator and spouse primarily work off the farm.
And yet by no means is to characterize In Lieu of Heaven as a scholarly work off the mark.
He brings illegal aliens into the country for an exorbitant fee and work off their entry price as indentured servants.
VAs are administrative professionals who provide the same services as a traditional assistant, but work off site--virtually--using the latest technology tools of e-mail, Internet, phone, fax or instant messaging.
And a venti Vanilla Bean with whipped cream will give you 640 calories and 10 grams of sat fat to work off at the gym.