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progress (or rate of progress) in work being done


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Even though both practices were using the exact same version of the EHR, each had very different work flows, defaults, and other nuances that meant data didn't transfer smoothly cheaply.
DrFirst's "Patient Advisor ePA" service is fully integrated within the e-prescribing work flows of providers and offers a comprehensive selection of ePA sources available to EHR and HIS system vendors.
Because the facility's Renaissance campus comprises many buildings, work flow is difficult to manage and track.
The specific work flow in CFS manufacturing is describing the activities starting with Order Receiving, Top Management Activities, Order Acceptance, continuing with Preparing Production and ERP Planning, Flexible Configuring and Testing of CFS, Launching and Monitoring the Production and finalizing with CFS Operative Management, Production Delivery and Production Finish.
Thomson customers can now leverage DWPI data, along with full-text patent office data, in their intellectual property work flows through enhancements made to Delphion productivity and analysis tools.
Exceptional efficiency and business process containment are provided by the three work flow utilities that manage processes, direct actions, and spontaneously address and contain exceptions.
The net result is that our work flow is only 70% of what we would like to have.
Work flow is the process of providing care for a patient.
When little consideration is given to the proper location of the casting for the operator, several things can happen that can slow the work flow.
KYOTO, Japan -- Questetra is offering free work flow samples, at the same time as the world wide release of their Questetra BPM Suite January 2010 (Ver 5.
This system enables Fruth to optimize the filling process and gives our pharmacy teams more functionality within the daily work flow to better serve our patients.
It's a simple process, but for most organizations it actually comprises a number of steps that make for a complex work flow for facilities, clinicians and patients.
The new 19,500 s/f office, located in Fairfax, VA, will bring all of the company's staff together on one floor for the first time in 10 Years, improving communication and enhancing work flow.
Real-time interface--which allows users to make a request electronically and promptly receive a response--has a hand in helping insurance agencies and carriers eliminate backlogs, produce more sales and save steps in work flow, according to a recent report by the Agents Council for Technology.
To achieve these goals, GIS measured customer-specific functionality against existing technical-services work flow to determine how new features would enhance flexibility and accelerate work flow.