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progress (or rate of progress) in work being done


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Even though both practices were using the exact same version of the EHR, each had very different work flows, defaults, and other nuances that meant data didn't transfer smoothly cheaply.
Step 4: Build and Publish the MDO Work Flow with Decomposition Formulations
While optimal implementation remains a challenge, Joline and his colleagues agreed there's been significant improvement in carriers' use of technology to address work flow and document management issues.
After the start of instrument automation and electronic automation via the LIS/LIMS, attention fell on the pre- and post-analytic portions of the laboratory work flow. These parts of the work flow comprise all of the necessary steps to accept a clinical specimen into the laboratory for testing, the processing steps to prepare the sample for testing, and the steps for final disposition of the specimen.
To compare the TAT of bacterial identification by MALDI-TOF MS with the classical biochemical identification in the clinical microbiology laboratory, 2 different work flow scenarios were envisaged, a continuous protocol operable in a 24/7 laboratory and a discontinuous work flow performing BC reception, incubation, processing, and biochemical identification only during regular duty hours (in our institution, 08: 00-16:30 h on weekdays and 08:00-12:00 h on weekends and holidays) (Fig.
The flip side of this flexibility, however, is that CPOF provides few built-in processes to support specific work flows. As a result, CPOF can require significant user interaction to complete tasks (that is, it is "click intensive").
The modern radiology work flow is much more geographically diverse.
Lector Work Flow Management is used to display and evaluate process job data and to help manage throughput from one machine to the next--for example, press to re-winder--and to generate reports for jobs that have been produced on machines with BST Shark or Premius systems as the inspection/print quality assurance system.
The study also will determine the sensitivity of Colon CAD for detecting polyps and will measure the impact of iCAD's CT colon CAD product on interpretation and work flow.
Maintaining integrity requires both documentation and security of the files throughout the work flow. A standard operating procedure (SOP) should describe the work flow.
modules and work flow. Integrating the ERP for CFS software system in the Enterprise production activities the efficiency in part production is highly increased by having a main MRP core.
Users can work together using collaborative wiki documents or binary documents (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF) that are managed through versioning and work flow. Real-time notification capabilities allow users to see who is currently editing a document, as well as when they have finished and released it.
This expansion also has enabled work flow improvements and increased process efficiencies."
DSI and Safedocs have an existing alliance through which the companies have been providing digital document work flow solutions and fully electronic mortgage closing packages to lenders for over a year.
For example, is the work flow of seeing a consumer, documenting that visit, and billing for the visit really so different in behavioral health settings than in physical health settings?