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a camp for trustworthy prisoners employed in government projects

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The contract includes a didactic detailed concept for the four-day work camps as well as the implementation of the necessary equipment, communication and public relations.
Nick Balabanski, the "media guru" at the HEART headquarters, said he went to work camps in Orlando and Mobile, Ala., as a kid.
A dozen work camps south of the major projects faced mandatory evacuation notices.
Reynaldo Jimenez, CFF vice president, said work camps have been a big help not only in instilling a sense of belonging to the children but in sustaining the center's operation.
Field explicitly dismisses Foucault's "notion of normalisation and the panopticon" as having any use for understanding work camps. (72) Yet the entire portrait Field paints of the labour colonies seems ripe for a Foucauldian analysis that is attentive especially to the ways that these efforts were a means to discipline unruly bodies and minds--the argument that I think Field sets out in the first place.
2015 volunteering opportunities in Morocco For the year 2015, The Association Generations for International Work camps is organizing 6 international camps for voluntary work in Ouarzazate, Morocco.
As part of the campaign, a bus designed as a train will visit municipalities, schools, malls, work camps, and residential areas.
Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin Farrell and Saoirse Ronan are among a group of determined escapees from Soviet-run Siberian Gulag work camps who travel over 4,000 miles by foot in an attempt to find their freedom in India during Joseph Stalin's 30-year rule.
The party will be a celebration of volunteer work camps, global citizenship and UNA Exchange's 40th anniversary.
70s 1979 Penal work camps where hooligans would be made to sweat as they had never sweated before should be established in Britain, that was according to Mr James Anderton, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester.
From the late 1940s through the early 1970s, young European Mennonites, together with volunteers from around the world, took part in more than 260 work camps. In the early years, camp projects centered on Mennonite Central Committee's broader postwar relief and refugee resettlement efforts, often involving food and clothing distribution, as well as building construction.
It includes hundreds of postcards, letters, photographs and documents that belonged to Sala Garncarz Kirschner, who survived five years in Nazi work camps during World War II.
I WONDER if D Bell from Hexham could be so kind as to inform us if his proposed idea for euphemistically named 'work camps' are a new brand of 'work camp' or the old Nazi version?
Asma al-Assad visited on Friday morning the service and environmental volunteer work camps organized by the National Union for Syrian Students (NUSS) in Qardaha countryside.President al-Assad and Mrs.
The delegation arrived in Lebanon upon the invitation of the Social Affairs Ministry to take part in voluntary work camps organized annually by the Lebanese Youth Ministry.