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Synonyms for wordy

Synonyms for wordy

relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of words


using or containing an excessive number of words

Synonyms for wordy

using or containing too many words

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With little onstage action, this very wordy play relies on very good acting, and there not one weak performance.
An extremely wordy Vicuna prone to much talk and wondering around in an idle manner spews forth his list or collection of words.
In support of his argument, the writer contrasted the Whitechapel show, in which the pictures by Canaletto and Guardi on display made it 'difficult enough for even the most wordy critic to indulge in much wordy exegesis of such art', with an exhibition running at the same time in Sir Gerald Kelly's own Royal Academy.
Too Hot for America: Ellen Sussman Reads 'The Affair' Litquake - Z Space Join Litquake and The Grotto for the official launch of Drivel, a new collection of wordy, overwrought, insipid writing by America's most beloved authors and artists, edited by award-winning journalist and radio producer Julia Scott.
Outlining the priorities of the British presidency, Prime Minister David Cameron suggested getting back to the roots of the representative forum by focusing on one-on-one discussions by participating leaders and getting rid of wordy communiques and other bureaucratic red tape.
Wordy and delivered in her signature high tones, the production is highly polished.
At times this play is very wordy, weighed down by history, theology and politics but Edgar does his best to simplify very complex times.
Pressure group Transport 2000 tagged the wordy declaration by Prime Minister John Major as a "grand gesture".
We defy anyone to listen to their 1981 single Wordy Rappinghood and not find themselves dancing around the room like a loon with a massive grin on their face.
GOOD POINTS: This a wordy film, but the script and performances are strong.
It has developed a more interactive approach to HR policies and procedures, replacing old wordy and uninspiring documents with interactive flowcharts that provide links to clear information at each stage in the process.
Kandy Next time an Australian shows up for a wordy duel on the pitch, rival batsmen had better concentrate on the next few balls.
The author's somewhat wordy style and the book's cluttered design may deter some readers.
Exactlywhat it saysonthe tin SPELL it out with this wordy Romilly clock, priced pounds 14.
This story is very wordy for a picture book that is aimed at young readers.