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a fluent and prolific writer

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The Wordsmith is a black and white publishing package that caters to writers with a shoestring budget.
What makes A Small Place bigger than just a delicious rant by a skilled wordsmith is that Antigua is a microcosm.
TODAY sees the launch of a book which could prove to be the last serious attempt to rival William Shakespeare as Wordsmith of the Millennium.
Two memorable instances of earspell now appear, thanks to the vigilance of readers from Alberta, Canada, and Arizona, USA: Sheila Foster, IABC board secretary and wordsmith for Target Communications, Calgary, was reading the Calgary Herald when she was stopped by "Clients also report a dirth of humor at their former companies.
It integrates with third-party Palm OS applications including Web browsers and office document solutions (such as Quickoffice, Documents to Go, WordSmith, etc.
PrintBoy includes support for many of the top Palm OS productivity applications on the market, including Cutting Edge Software's Quickoffice, DataViz' Documents To Go, and Blue Nomad's WordSmith.
COVENTRY-born writer Stew-art Harcourt is the latest wordsmith to join a literary gathering at St Mary's Hall.
Bachmann Software continues to add new formatting features to PrintBoy by improving the output generated from such productivity applications as Documents to Go, Quickoffice and WordSmith.
COVENTRY wordsmith David Whitehead shows his skills to 10-year-old Gemma Hirons during a visit to Our Lady of the Assumption RC school in Tile Hill North, Coventry.
PrintBoy Deluxe already supports many of the most popular education applications, such as Quickoffice, WordSmith, HanDBase, ThinkDB, FreeWrite, Corsoft Aileron and Student 4.
Users of Dataviz' Documents To Go, Cutting Edge Software's Quickoffice, Blue Nomad's WordSmith, or Adobe's Acrobat Reader will benefit from the addition of FilePoint Pro on their desktop.
Handmark WordSmith PRO combines WordSmith, developed by Blue Nomad, LLC, with the best selling CIC(R) (NASDAQ: CICI) WordComplete(R) ($24.
The application is able to interpret documents from the many third party developers and file formats that are popular among Palm OS device users, such as Quickoffice, WordSmith, thinkDB, MiniCalc, Documents To Go and many others.
WordSmith is the most advanced, intuitive and full-featured word processor, enhanced memo pad and electronic-book reader available for any handheld device.