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in a verbose manner

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For the first time in his life, "he must spread himself wordily.
The Afghans should not rely on foreigners to run their internal system and construct their country, he said, adding the youth should study both religious and wordily education which he said was a basic need in the today's world.
The Blueback Hussar tour is the latest in a series after a hiatus of 15 years and anticipates the 2013 release of his first album in almost 20 years - the wordily titled Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter.
English is also right to say that we need to adhere to our own legal precepts, not only by eschewing torture, rendition, and extraterritorial detention, but also by resisting the temptation, most wordily represented by American lawyer Phillip Bobbitt, to introduce a raft of legislation designed to anticipate a hypothetical mass-casualty atrocity.
It wordily concluded that "political life is undermined in a democratic nation if those involved are obliged to distance themselves from their own religious beliefs, fundamental convictions, and the voice of their conscience.
Ministry of Disinformation: The Official History of Ladbrokes is worthy, but I am not sure you can believe a word of it, and I much prefer the somewhat wordily titled second part of Julian Wilson's autobiography Always Look on the Bright Side of Life as you Have it Off on the Sofa, as There is Nothing Else to do Because Some Unwashed Oik has Heard the Same Lavatory Rumour as I Have, But Nicked the Big Prices on the Exchanges.
Although the introductory chapter entitled "Knowledge and the Novel" and the first chapter, the "Dissemination of Knowledge in the Early Nineteenth Century," touch on the manifold means by which knowledge was being diffused, the topic is treated summarily, if nevertheless wordily, as preparation for the chapters discussing novelists' interest in, or concern for, knowledge in five novels.