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a thesaurus organized to help you find the word you want but cannot think of

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Other features include: an easy to use multiple choice format with easily identifiable menu keys; and vocabulary exercises taken from the American Heritage Dictionary, Roget's II, The New Thesaurus and the WordFinder Thesaurus.
The six stimulus words were chosen as being familiar, everyday words with each having a minimum of 25 synonyms listed in the Reader's Digest Wordfinder (1993).
Initially, the synonyms were scored by reference to the Reader's Digest Wordfinder and each set of responses was blind double-checked by a teacher of English who was unaware of the purpose of the study.
WordFinder plug in has been build on this new functionality, it automatically generate keywords and tags for the page and for the meta data.
com), the leading international provider of linguistic-based technology and natural language search solutions, today announced that WordFinder Software, Scandinavia's leading supplier of electronic language software, has extended its contract to employ Vantage's CorrectEnglish(TM) application in WordFinder Grammatik through 2010.
Wordfinder and Meaningfinder provide the most advanced language tools available for online writing assistance.
The muse, Its work is done, it folds away, Slipped back in a pocket for the day, Small, but with uses plain to see, The Wordfinder Rhyming Dictionary.