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Synonyms for wordage

words or the use of words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision

choice of words and the way in which they are used

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If a few brave advocates of the Public Choice school were to speak out on this, admit guilt, and use other wordage to describe "rent seeking" that would be very helpful.
I have been police raids The prompt to tot up my wordage was an obscure reference in a newspaper article where a chap boasted he had written thousands of words on a particular subject.
It's a tad tedious, and the juice of the original wordage doesn't flow through at all places as it should.
Despite the bizarre wordage, I was gripped by this newspaper's tale of Metoposaurus algarvensis, whose fossilised remains have been discovered at the site of an ancient Portuguese lake.
But even with the excessive wordage Devil's Creek is a good cozy.
At every step, 'someone has to make a judgement about news values, about whether the story is of interest at all, and about the wordage it is worth'.
By the same token Greg Norman in the book of the same name spent very little wordage on the game but seemed more interested in "corporate-speak.
And in spite of this voluminous output of wordage on the subject, Diane admits that she hasn't really hit on the right words or the "answer" to explain what she feels.
This plugin brought in the capability to perform hands-free Google search by speaking the now-famous wordage "OK Google" to Google.
Permitted wordage has run out so to end, I am reminded of King C Gillette, the 1901 inventor and vendor of his famous safety razor.
I photograph any wordage below the ground and any stonecutters' initials.
Having jettisoned its cumbersome previous name (with a title taking up a sizeable proportion of my wordage allocation) for something much more concise and user-friendly, the resourceful Midland Opera has survived a few slings and arrows and is now continuing to reveal just exactly how enterprising a company it is.
With more than 70 countries on hand for the gathering, the barrage of wordage is no surprise.
Like his public speaking, the ambitious project blew-out in terms of wordage.
It would be more appropriate to use the same wordage in the instrument as the authors use in the text.