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correct to the last detail

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I was standing in the background with her husband and I was struck at how word-perfect she was on any matter that arose.
In short they look and sound like a bloke's band - a slightly older bloke at that - but it was evident from the way that the young women chimed out every chorus with word-perfect fervour that they weren't just there to keep their significant others company.
ring Machine, the word-perfect got a nod of approval from n, which resulted in them ng even louder.
The target is Juliette (Vanessa Paradis), young, beautiful and an heiress with word-perfect knowledge of Dirty Dancing, a love of Wham and a year spent in secret.
When she finished her lines - a seven-page script which was an emotional eulogy to her screen mum Blanche Hunt - a huge round of applause broke out for her word-perfect performance.
Blunt sang about half of You're Beautiful, preferring to stare at his word-perfect audience with bemusement and awe.
Rehearsals for Jack and the Beanstalk and Lichfield's Garrick Theatre kicked off this week to ensure the cast is word-perfect when the pantomime takes to the stage on December 7.