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Synonyms for word-for-word

employing the very same words as another

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In transferring files from our old system to a new system, a computer glitch caused a partial incorrect listing of our word-for-word classified section ads in the Aug.
The WatchWORD Bible includes footage from the Holy Land, matches on-screen scripture text from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible and word-for-word narration as well as an original music underscore.
But Harry most certainly remembers Michel, ably recounting the most minute details of Michel's life, right down to a word-for-word rendition of a silly, sexual poem Michel wrote for the school's literary magazine.
Beginning with a biographical sketch of each individual author, all essays proceed to discuss those authors' relationships with Virgil, from grammar school training to Virgilian themes in their works to sometimes word-for-word "translations" of Virgiljan phrases.
Plummer, no stranger to the genre of Biblical cinema, says he welcomed the opportunity to participate in the word-for-word version of "THE GOSPEL OF JOHN" as the film's narrator.
While much of the dialogue is word-for-word identical to the movie, producing the story on stage requires some changes.