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a linear sequence of words as spoken or written

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Instead of a traditional "correct"/"incorrect" scoring system utilized by most standardized assessments, T-units are coded as perfect, flawed, or perfect word strings within T-units, to show progression.
(1) to what extent are different patterns of grammatical growth captured by the SAWL in perfect T-units (word efficiency ratio (WER) I), perfect and flawed T-units (WER II), and perfect word strings (WER III)?
Processing the word string from left to right, PubMed searched on the subject heading (MeSH term) that most closely matched each word or phrase entered, plus performed a text word search for every occurrence of the word(s) in the database.
Using word association software, the search engine retrieves word strings that define or represent the query term.
"At the core of the GCSI engine is an ingeniously intricate algorithm that assigns value (positive, negative and neutral) to word strings. The system analyzes thousands of pieces of data an hour and uses it to assign a score to each company, which ranks them within our customer satisfaction index.
These are the words of the director of Rowa' (Shepherd) TV, Hamdi Faraj, who assured PNN that the film was executed at an estimated budget of 25,000 USD with funding by from Internews.Faraj continued to tell PNN, This movie has the word strings in its title, meaning music.
Given the exact tasks as students in the Roig (1997) study, 44% of professors judged a plagiarized item as correct and one third lifted five-to-nine word strings. Roig argued that the errors result from a lack of agreement about the definition of plagiarism within the field.
Next, I introduced of definitions based on the work of Roig (1997 & 1999) and Howard (1995) of plagiarism or patchwriting, which included: l) word strings, lifting exact phrases from the original consisting of five-to-nine words or more 2) substitutions, replacing original words with synonyms 3) additions, introducing one to four words to the original 4) deletions, eliminating one to four words from the original and 5) reversals, reversing the sentence structure and/or word structure.
Then the strategy would simply be to apply the creative use of punctuation and the free substitution of homophones to the resulting word strings in an effort to them into sentences which at least achieved the relaxed syntactical standards described above.
Dictionary attacks use randomly generated letter and word strings in message addresses sent out by the millions in an effort to stumble on valid addresses.
First, in asking what grammaticality judgments are judgments of, he looks only at the acceptability (and grammaticality) of word strings; i.e.
Four types of word strings were used: (a) normal sentences, (b) normal sentences spoken in monotone (prosodic cues absent), (c) semantically anomalous sentences with normal intonation (contextual cues absent), and (d) meaningless word strings spoken in monotone (both cues absent).
Accordingly the present experiment was designed so that participants listened to four types of word strings, similar to those described previously.
All programs implement the same functionality, namely a conversion of telephone numbers into word strings. The program first loads a dictionary of 73,113 words into memory from a flat text file (one word per line, 93KB overall).
It is far too common for translators not to consider the intended order in word strings such as these.