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a puzzle where you fill a square grid with words reading the same down as across

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A new letter 'M' is introduced to the word square, while fortifying its visual symmetry.
This opposition was clearly articulated in Ordine e disordine (Order and Disorder), 1973, which contained one hundred small embroidered word squares. Each square's colors were different, and the shapes were randomly dispersed across a wall, but within each, the sixteen-letter Italian phrase ORDINE E DISORDINE fit perfectly into a neat grid.
There are 484 different double word squares having a wordy knight's tour.
His amazing feats in computerized word squares were ended by his untimely death from lung cancer in March of 2007.
According to Guinness World Records (2008), the highest single-turn Scrabble score in a real game is 392 points achieved by Karl Khoshnaw (UK) on 11 April 1982 when he played the nine-timer CAZIQUES spanning two triple word squares. Another less-heralded 392 score was gained more recently by Malta's first national Scrabble champion Godfrey Magri Demajo with the triple-triple MEZQUITE.
How many word squares could you map 'MERCATOR' to?"
Anil sent the word squares below, which use 3-letter political abbreviations, including REP for Republican and DEM for Democrat.
Eric Harshbarger recently posed an interesting question: what are the largest word squares or rectangles that can be found which transform into another, valid, word square or rectangle when turned upside down?
MADDEST ARIETTA REACHES ROCKERS ALIENEE MADDEST The same rule applies when the rectangle is a square, which in addition to disallowing squares like the rectangle above also prohibits "single" word squares, in which every row word is the same as the corresponding column word.
method assisting check-hunts in name explorations MAGIC WORD SQUARES (05-76) (cf Word YAM 25 1 13 Squares ) Morphemes, alphanumerics go into compatible spelling AMY 1 13 25 quadrangles; up/dn, angular, right/left equal, sensible.
With suitable programs they can be used to construct word squares, find anagrams, shortest word ladders, and so on.
In a letter dated 16 Mar 2005, Anil proposed constructing word cubes consisting of six word squares, one on each cube face, with edge words shared by squares on adjacent faces.
Double word squares are, of course, more difficult, but there are 20 different possibilities, from OBAMA and BIDEN in lines 1 and 2 to BIDEN and OBAMA in lines 4 and 5.
I take a broad view of what constitutes wordplay--from letter-manipulation to form palindromes and word squares, or through puns and cryptic crossword puzzle clues.
The geometric property of orchard words is reminiscent of word squares; each row of an r-by-r square has r intersections with all columns, and no intersections with any other row.