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jumble of incoherent speech as sometimes heard in schizophrenia

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Word salad also comes to mind when nonprofit leaders throw around words like "capacity building," "social innovation," "theory of change," "evidence-based," and other phrases.
Still, there are a couple of false notes: Some of the lyrics are obviously word salad: The very first lines are: "She's got me wrapped up in blue/while I'm wearing red skin.'' What does that even mean?
If you are ever seized with the urge to browse through the archives of research repositories like PubMed or JSTOR, you'll come across a lot of word salad that's not exactly enticing to the lay reader (e.g.
Thus begins another great Night Buddies epic adventure and mystery, in an incredible, delicious word salad narrative style that absolutely keeps the pages turning.
The latest word salad in the counterheterosexist war against "heteronormativity" (yes, they consider these real things) is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, and Pansexual.
The kindly government folks who gave us PQRI, or whatever the current word salad is for what we say on reports.
The generic word salad means a whole lot more to us these days than it ever did, not only because we have a wider range of acceptable salads to choose from, but we have all expanded our ideas on what else can be included in a modern salad to make it look and taste better.
Latin classifications Such as HELLEBORUS, YPSILANDRA THIBETICA, and scilla scilloides littered the walls, a word salad of tightly composed letters painted in pastels that complement the various background shades of green.
The Anglican word salad originated from sal, the Latin term for salt.
Even as the teacher dismisses most of modern literature as "word salad" and defiantly clings to a grammatical oddity like "amn't," he insists on calling himself "lightsome" because, as he phrases it so endearingly, "I have great light inside of me."