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an application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer

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As with any new technology, the syllabic word processing system had to go through a number of refinements and improvements, but at each step, backward compatibility was implemented, so that the Naskapi community was able to maintain a growing corpus of digital language materials.
Depending on the interface your word processing system has with your mainframe, additional glitches may occur.
The data were then edited and an invoice was prepared on a separate word processing system. Both systems were maintained by the deceased partner.
This system has evolved from a simple word processing system to one that maintains equipment inventories, runs customer jobs and spreadsheets, manages time and is gearing up for mission-critical applications development projects.
These products are "computer-based storage and retrieval systems that operate on the complete contents of documents, maintained in machine-readable, character-coded form." Although a word processing system can store a document in coded form, the text storage system not only stores the text but also creates indexes to every significant word in the stored document.
T cube Scientific Word Processing System If you ever tried to produce a professional product for your scientific papers or tried to emulate the latest copy of ACCN, you have probably tried those character hidden in upper (and lower) ASCII, and found that with some cludging, some useful chemical formulae could be made.
For example, Becker [3] describes a multilingual word processing system developed by the Xerox Corporation which uses phonetic entry of entire Chinese words.
"As to a side benefit to this change, we are about to get rid of our Wang word processing system in-house that we have had since 1979.
Automation of medical records is not common except where transcription is performed by word processing systems. In such systems, text transcribed from clinicians' dictations is moved electronically from the word processing system into a patient care information system that clinicians can use to retrieve clinical results from workstations on the nursing units of hospitals and in the offices of group practices.
All forms are easily accessed through simple keystroke commands and can be transferred to an attorney's own word processing system. In addition to forms, there are practice-friendly Form Drafting Guides that provide step-by-step instructions as well as checklists of other matters to be considered.
In addition, a membership system should be able to reformat selected data and transfer files to a word processing system, tape, or other media for directory production.
A good word processing system does make it easy to move or copy mixed directional text into the middle of other mixed directional text, but in such cases of "directional misch-masch," it is usually impossible for the user to state what the resulting layout ought to be.
You won't need instruction in how to use any particular library OPAC, communications software to access the Internet, or word processing system. (BI librarians take note).
The SEP disc also included free software programs, including the LaTeX word processing system, which is used to view the reproducible research documents.