word of honor

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Synonyms for word of honor

a declaration that one will or will not do a certain thing

Synonyms for word of honor

a promise


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I give you my word of honor that we love you and need you.
However, it can be called a halt at any time if there were no political word of honor.
In other words, if he wants to accelerate Gruevski's fall, he will have to give the word of honor in advance that somebody else, and not him, will run the state.
Should the department audit a former Illinois resident, the person's own word of honor is unlikely to suffice to convince the department that he or she is a resident of another state, Dorner suggests.
Yet outcasts also include professionals who know the official discourse; their word of honor announces the conviction that their official discourse has betrayed justice and beauty.
If you tell me, then I'll give you my word of honor that I'll never hit anyone else.
30pm, Methodist Centre, Honor Blackman in Word of Honor (pounds 10); June 24, 6pm parish church, choral evensong (free) then 7.
Theatre, Castle Dyke, Lichfield 01543412121: Studio Play (Feb 27-Mar 10); Honor Blackman's Word of Honor (Mar 3).