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A few weeks or months hence it may be too late, and I cannot bear the notion of quitting the country without a kind word of farewell from you.
Count Otto sent off his servant with the porter and followed Pandora, to whom he really wished to address a word of farewell.
Someone has sabotaged her laboratory work, and her boyfriend has just become engaged to a Parisian socialite, without so much as a word of farewell to Aimee.
Twelve years ago he fled to Sudan without a word of farewell to his wife and three children - in Eritrea, you leg it when you can.
Meqati gave a word of farewell to a dear friend, who was a "role model for his national values and high morals throughout his lifetime.
The 26-year-old joined Villa on the transfer deadline with not a word of farewell from Redknapp as he departed.
Then, without a word of farewell, he walked out into the Mexican night and I never saw him again.
He went back to the apartment, looked out the old Tartan Army uniform and without a word of farewell to his partner headed towards Sweden where Scotland were playing.