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cautionary advice about something imminent (especially imminent danger or other unpleasantness)

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A WORD of advice to singer Kim Kardashian and her soon-to-be husband, a rap artist.
My final comment on this issue is a word of advice to stock owners; beware of ragwort and disregard Welsh Assembly advice at your peril - the degree of danger from this plant is considerable.
And the boys were sent to Paris, with Stuart "The Brand" Baggs offering the locals: "Come to London and taste my eel." Word of advice - stick to frogs' legs.
Her word of advice for girls who want to look hotter?
But I'd like to offer one word of advice - if you're going to send dodgy pictures of your midriff at least wear a pair of designer pants.
But a word of advice, Tony - don't try taking on Wenger (inset) at his own game or it will end in tears.
However, for those still struggling to keep local offices open - a word of advice. The Post Office will not be impressed by petitions, but only by actual usage.
One word of advice to Granny Peggy though: don't put your grandson on the stage Mrs.
One word of advice, don't take the box under the desk off the wall, whatever you do Have you ever trawled the web for funny clips and thought there's got to be a better way to sift through all this rubbish?
I am sure the people would prefer a word of advice rather than be someone's current bone of contention.
A word of advice: Don't focus so much on getting people to help you Concentrate on looking for ways to be resourceful, enterprising, and a source of encouragement.
A few years ago, I was interviewed by the ABA Journal for its then-monthly feature, "The Big Question." The one they asked me was, "What one word of advice would you give a young lawyer?" I seem to remember they also asked this of an insurance defense lawyer, and his answer was, "Bill."
If you like listening to the "fly jock" Tom Joyner on the radio, a word of advice for you, just as Joyner admits in this book, "I won't quit my morning job," neither should you as a listener.
"A word of advice: When you are asked to coach a sport, always remember: Why you are coaching and who you are coaching?
Another word of advice for the health conscious who are worried about not adequately cooking their pork chops: either cook boneless pork chops to pink in the center or buy a pair of ice skates; if you do overcook the chops, you will end up with hockey pucks rather than edible pieces of meat.