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any game involving the formation or alteration or discovery of words

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If you are into word games and like testing your spelling and general knowledge skills you can still give this game a shot.
Like with many other word games, a larger screen makes things a lot easier, which is why we would recommend playing this on an iPad, even though it works just as well on smaller Android and iOS devices.
The Highlights games and the word game, however, are much more fun to play without the hand-held devices.
Words With Friends Everyone loves a good word game, and this cracking app is the best on the store.
This fast-paced word game requires no pen or paper.
In Bookworm, players whet their appetite for spelling fun in PopCap's hit word-puzzle game, an immersive title for word game aficionados of all ages and levels.
Mr Beevers, who pocketed pounds 1,500 in prize money, said he started playing the word game at a young age.
The inventor of Scrabble, the word game that has colonized American culture, was no wordsmith himself.
The students who had been given just alcohol performed the worst, the drunk students with the small financial incentive to do well in the word game performed the best, and those who were given caffeine performed somewhere in the middle.
It's sold in 121 countries around the world, is produced in 29 different languages and is the world's best-selling word game.
Quiddler is a delightful word game that builds vocabulary, encourages creative thinking process skills, and offers hours of fun.
In a free-association word game we recently played with a large cross section of consumers, no food or food product was freely associated with the word "trustworthy"
Was there ever a word game where the players received bonus points for the shortest word?
In the early 1930s an unemployed architect named Alfred Butts decided to invent a word game as a way to make some money and provide people with diversion during the Depression.
Toy Fair connects manufacturers, importers and distributors with 10,000+ forward-looking and fast-acting retailers from more than 100 countries … buyers who are on the lookout for everything from educational word game like McNeill Designs' award-winning You've been Sentenced