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the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something

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The analysis here is based on the distribution of word forms and the co-texts in which they occur.
Using a specific fMRI technique know as fMRI-rapid adaptation, the investigators found that the visual word form area changed as the participants learned the nonsense words.
abbreviation--shortened word form to represent a complete word; example: Ext = extraction
Dehaene and his colleagues have reported that, in people, reading selectively activates a left-brain region that they call the visual word form area.
Are there any semantic or syntactic criteria for claiming that the so-called gerund in Om+stO is anything other than an elative-case word form that is regularly derived from verb stems, and functions as a temporal clausal adjunct as would other elative-case nouns with temporal-reference.
My hospital created a paperless direct admission form for me using the Microsoft Word form field, and the form was sanctioned by the hospital executive committee," said Dr.
3) This term is now included in dictionaries as signifying that first word form in a dictionary entry, which acts as a heading, representing the various inflected subforms and definitions.
The chi-square test proves that there is a significant correlation between age group and multilexemic verb-based word form (p = 0.
These analyses suggested that the students experienced primarily word form- and word form segment-related word-finding disruptions during the TWF-2 assessment.
Warnings are usually in word form but a pictorial representation may prove more effective.
Other options on the search form let you designate a proximity (line, sentence, paragraph, or page) and a word form (exact match, plurals & possessives, or any word forms).
But the use of the word form in the title might suggest that Kennedy should be included here, even though Rahman is McCauley's chronological contemporary.
It was heavily inflected, which means that the grammatical relationships of words within a sentence were indicated not by the order of words but by the word form.