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using exactly the same words


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Sancho upon this related to her, word for word, what has been said already touching that adventure, and having heard it the duchess said, "From this occurrence it may be inferred that, as the great Don Quixote says he saw there the same country wench Sancho saw on the way from El Toboso, it is, no doubt, Dulcinea, and that there are some very active and exceedingly busy enchanters about.
The queen, who was scarcely less afraid of Monsieur de Beaufort than the cardinal himself, and who was almost as superstitious as he was, made him repeat word for word all La Ramee's praises of his deputy.
Just the same, word for word," he said, "with one exception, my Lady.
But the old king begged so hard, that she had no peace till she had told him all the tale, from beginning to end, word for word.
Word for word na sinasabi dati ni Vice President Binay, word for word kung paano itinago ang kanyang mga katiwalian at pagnanakaw-ngayon, ikaw mismo ang nagsasabi, word for word, 'Kasuhan ninyo kami,' said Roxas.
Of particular interest in Nurser's account is the role that Nolde played in drafting the statement of religious freedom that would be incorporated, almost word for word, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
he could read something and tell you word for word what was on the page,'' said sister-in-law Esther Baker.
In fact, it was a word for word record of the conversations that a popular Australian broadcaster, Phillip Adams, had with world-reknowned physicist Paul Davies.