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a thesaurus organized to help you find the word you want but cannot think of

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EA said that SCRABBLE comes loaded with extras such as SCRABBLE Word Finder and Wi-Fi multiplayer capability, both single and multi-cart play.
The kits contain a thesaurus with entries that include the parts of speech and synonyms for words, a word finder containing 3,000 base words with their suffix forms, and more.
Two of the best features of this edition are the Word Finder and the new thumb index.
DEAR COMRADE |ACCORDING TO The Bias-Free Word Finder: Dictionary of Nondiscriminatory Language, the word fellow is no longer acceptable~ Small-Business Owner:
But Rosalie Maggio, author of The Bias-Free Word Finder, has shown me the prejudice of my ways (not to mention expanded my use of academic jargon).
Then there's Microlytics' GOfer and Word Finder packages, which add sophisticated text-search and thesaurus functions; Advanced Software's Docu-Comp document comparison program, which can be useful in controlling the proliferation of differing versions of a document; Odesta's GeoQuery decision-support software, which allows professionals to view their sales, marketing, or other data in terms of geographic locations; and several other useful tools.