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division of a word especially at the end of a line on a page

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Of the issues mentioned above, the differences in word division are probably of the greatest import for the linguistic (especially morphological and phonological) analysis.
This text carefully preserves Stuart's spelling, word division, and punctuation in order, Steen argues, to preserve her voice: "in early modern England, an oral culture was in the process of becoming a print culture, and because spelling and punctuation were not yet fully fixed, they were especially reflective of the writer's internal voice" (108).
The book is in general excellently produced: occasional oddities of word division and line spacing may no doubt be blamed on the computer.
In keeping with the manual's global perspective, a section on foreign languages addresses basic rules governing the use of special characters, capitalization, punctuation, and word division in 19 languages.
The scribe began with the apparently required narrow two-column format but seems to have attempted to apply some principles of word division at the end of the lines (in both Old English and Latin).
Turning to the text and the first formula, it would be well to deal first with the problem of word division. There are at least eight independent ancient witnesses to the form of this formula (counting Hesychius as being independent):
WORD DIVISION IN SPANISH Breaking words into shorter meaningful pieces is required in most textual applications.
on word division and punctuation) of Busby himself.
117, first bar) and an incorrect word division that changes the meaning of the word--the first word on page 118 should be divided as hat-e-klu-sen--and alters its rhythm: when a consonantal stop is followed by 1 or r in Greek (as with the preceding kl), the syllable to the left of it, if it has a short vowel, may be performed as either long or short.
There are some problems, however, with the word division which is said to follow DOST, MED, and OED (xcviii) but does not invariably: there are curious forms like 'in-continent' (140); 'neuer-the-les' (460), or, 'insiclik' (346, rather than 'in sic lik').
These precise style sheets give instructions for equipment, styles of punctuation, word division, general style, tables, paging, camera instructions, and math and technical house style.
Evelyn Firchow's edition takes the story one step further, for it is the first edition whose goal has been to provide a text which is essentially a 'typographic facsimile' of the original, recording the page layout as well as the spellings, punctuation, accents, word division, erasures of the German and Latin text exactly as they are to be found in the manuscript.
52), and the standard convention of word division is often not maintained (p.
Finally, the text underlay differs in each edition: based on current German practice for liturgical Latin, Hettrick modernizes the punctuation and word division of the text, while Biba sets the text according to the principles of traditional Church Latin.
Word division is sometimes unnatural, so gaba ri "to meet" under gaba and ri, or su sum-ma under su and sum.