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one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context

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Thus, the participants had to pay attention to word classes and lexical nuances.
We complement this descriptive analysis by means of a manual classification of the words into grammatical and content words, and these in turn, into word classes such as nouns, adjectives, lexical verbs and adverbs.
POS tagging is a process of assigning accurate grammatical classes or word classes to every word[1].
The lexical component includes the individual words and word groups in so far as they belong to word classes and word group classes.
While in many instances, conversion of names to common words and vice versa is not signalled by any change in the structure of the word (analogous with conversions of common words of one class to those of another such as hammer, noun, to hammer, verb), it is not surprising that names may be distinguished formally from other word classes (again analogous with morphologically signalled derivation of a common word of one class from one of another, such as fruitful, adjective, derived from fruit, noun).
Part One consists of five units designed to develop skills in identifying, understanding, and using multi-meaning words, word classes, word families and word parts, collocations, and word grammar.
Leech, Geoffrey, Paul Rayson and Andrew Wilson 2004: 'Rank frequency lists of words within word classes (parts of speech) in the whole corpus'.
Such languages typically distinguish more than a thousand morphosyntactic tags, and the largest problem, at least at first sight, is caused by having to disambiguate between the large number of syncretic inflectional forms within word classes.
Word classes lead on to simple, compound and complex sentences.
An enterprise search application that includes the means to identify specific word classes, such as abbreviations and acronyms, and distinguish these across domains or topics can give a significant boost to an information retrieval system's ability to yield relevant results.
To this end, the author discusses German word classes from the perspective of grammaticalization theory.
Although word classes is probably a good place to start, as they are reasonably easy compared to a lot of other grammar elements, I would prefer to have the phrases included in the section on analysing sentences, and after the introduction of issues like subject and object and the like rather than before.
Her own response to the styles at work in Browne's imitators has certainly been affected by more than word classes, patterns, and coinages.
It begins with a clear statement of the phonology and word classes of Futunan, builds up into a discussion of the noun and verb phrase, and moves on to a comprehensive description of clause and sentence types.
Momma reads the divergence in degree of regulation of the different word classes in precise relation to their syntactic clarity within the prosodical structure.