word blindness

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inability to perceive written words

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Even now, I get word blindness where I can't get out what I'm trying to say.
Morgan Pringle, "A Case of Congenital Word Blindness," The British Medical Journal (November 7, 1896): 1378.
LEO Sayer's inability to keep track of money was due to dyscalculia or number blindness, no t dyslexia, which is word blindness (Page 4, February 16).
The Scottish winger suffers from dyslexia, or word blindness, and has always struggled to read and write.
Convicted murderers and armed robbers in Britain's prisons will be tested to see if they suffer dyslexia, often referred to as word blindness.
A few years ago, I found out there are many actors and actresses who have word blindness and that made me feel so much better.
Lydia James, who suffers from dyslexia, or word blindness, claimed at an Employment Tribunal in Birmingham that she was told not to use her condition as an excuse for being unable to write properly.
Scott, from Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd, has the word blindness condition dyslexia, which has made it difficult for him to prove his true ability at school.