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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent

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Malaysia is participating at WOP Dubai for the first time and is hosting a Country Pavilion led by the Ministry of Agriculture and agro-based Industry Malaysia.
WOP Dubai 2017 cooperated with Fruitnet Forum Middle East on December 4, a day before the opening.
The annual WOP Dubai International Perishables Expo Middle East is the leading and only dedicated exhibition for fresh fruits and vegetables show in the Middle East.
WOP DUBAI 2013 is expected to attract more than 7,000 visitors from around the world, in addition to over 130 exhibitors from all over Europe, Africa, Asia, GCC, the Middle East and the Americas.
Fun funky brightly lit in neon their kidney shaped pools adorned with towering plastic palm trees this oasis of unique architecture has been dubbed "Doo wop" after the musical style popular in the late 1950s.
The plan, developed by a consultant team led by Stantec Consulting Services, addresses the historic, regulatory, and financial issues that influence the future use of the Doo Wop motels.
Imagine opening your latest issue of your favorite sports magazine and seeing a story entitled, "Watch Those Walloping Wops." Such language is inconceivable today, yet that story, by noted baseball writer Dan Daniel, appeared in 1938, at a time when terms such as "wop" and "dago" routinely appeared in coverage of Italian American ballplayers, even in such distinguished publications as The Sporting News and the New York Times.
Part loading is done by a vision system-supported robot The control, based on HMI (Human Machine Interface allows workshop oriented programming (WOP).
In addition to Toure's literary forbears, Dawnsong!, with its huge range of Egyptian (Kemetic), sub-Saharan African, and diasporic religious, historical, and musical references, resembles the work of composer and band leader Sun Ra, whose performances were a sort of multimedia pageant that ranged in material from Afrocentric myth through blues, New Orleans jazz, swing, bop, doo wop, and soul to interstellar avant garde futuristic jazz.
And it's worth looking at the related east coast Doo Wop Preservation League at http://www.doowopusa.org/FAQ.html.
Signorile attributes his survival skills to his working class father, who taught him to fight ethnic slurs like "wop" and "greaseball" with his fists.
WOP DUBAI or INTERNATIONAL PERISHABLES EXPO MIDDLE EAST was a remarkable and proven to be successful through the years.
The International Perishables Expo Middle East (WOP 2013), running from November 17 to 19, 2013 will offer an ideal venue to explore business opportunities as well as discuss best technologies surrounding the flourishing trade of fresh edible produce.
The trade conference, World of Perishables (WOP), will take place from November 19-21 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.