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Synonyms for wooziness

a sensation of whirling or falling

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It is an intense feeling going on stage to that many people and with the added wooziness it was quite strange.
There are moments exhaustion creeps her delicate hands across my navel wooziness replaces wakefulness my head embraced by an outstretched hand beckoning me deeper within her grasp until s/he overcomes my very breath SILENCE PAIN SECRETS Remembering Returning Broken
The problem is these glasses can cost $100 or more per pair, are heavy, require batteries and have been known to induce wooziness and eye strain.
Jesus Is A Rochdale girl is a particular heartfelt standout, detailing Garvey's first love, while the hypnotic wooziness of With Love, the majestic sweep of the joyful Open Arms and the stark beauty of The Night Will Always Win are wildly affecting moments.
No wonder West Ham goalkeeper Robert Green vomited in his goalmouth and had to be substituted, the wooziness he felt at kick-off eventually catching up with him when the final goal went in.
After a night with friends, the businessman thought his wooziness was a hangover.
After a boozy night with friends, the fit and healthy businessman thought his wooziness was a hangover.
Rosaline, after approaching an old Gothic door that forces her, in spite of its rotten appearance to have recourse to some rusty old keys, unfastens a grate, throws aside rattling massy chains, and makes her way through "ghastly skull bones that hung in grim appalling array" (1:218) and across a floor strewn with human bones, with--apart from a momentary wooziness brought on by the "terrific spectacle"--hardly more agitation than if she'd been crossing a lumber room in search of a hatbox.
Officially listed as day-to-day, the Ducks' defensive-minded forward did not fly with the team to Dallas for Games 3 and 4 after complaining of wooziness while traveling in a car.
Despite his wooziness Ronan and Keith still managed to convince him to appear at the kids' parties over the next couple of months.
Dioscorides informs the Roman iatros or medicus that he can expect effects ranging from wooziness to death.
That plant earned its name from wooziness that struck animals grazing on it.
For two weeks after her seizure, Tam had sat in the car during club practices, claiming a lingering wooziness.
The music has warmth too, the dreamy folksiness of Another Morning, the jaunty The Horseshoe Wreath In Bloom, thescuffed lounge wooziness of the semi-spoken Mantovani The Mind Reader.