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confused and vague

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There is also the extra time and money that this woolly-headed system would involve.
This crude social engineering is Left-wing thinking at its woolly-headed worst.
Arriving directly from Kabul via the red-eye flight from Dubai, I must have alarmed my corporate hosts with my woolly-headed, fully bearded, still dust-encrusted appearance.
Indians today see Nehru as a somewhat woolly-headed leader who had a grandiose self-image and failed the country on the war with China.
When this new hybrid works it's an exs cellent fusion - when it fails, it produces either middling photography or woolly-headed art.
One a woolly-headed slapper, the other a hilarious stage show puppet...
It was a waste of time and lives fighting oppression for today's woolly-headed kids.
His woolly-headed and incongruous thinking is truly awesome, even by ultra-rightwing standards.
And I have never had to worry when I wake up more woolly-headed than usual, not sure whether it's Tuesday or Wednesday.
Conservative hosts are ranting about the woolly-headed granola freaks who are trying to lock up the national parks.
Davis was rejected not because he was perceived as a woolly-headed leftist but as a consummate opportunist who'd come to stand for all that was rotten about the state's big money politics.
Hats off to the woolly-headed one for a fine, if fleeting performance.
The spineless posture and blank expression adopted by Josh Hamilton for his winning portrayal of this woolly-headed lamb are telltale tipoffs to the existential dilemma of Henry Tollman, a 22-year-old Harvard student supposedly hard at work on his thesis on Darwinian evolution.
For myself, I am not rushing to fill temporary posts in well financed but ineptly run schools at the mercy of woolly-headed educationalists who have unsound ultra-liberal ideological theories and no pedagogic common sense.