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Synonyms for woolly-haired

covered with dense often matted or curly hairs

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The bilingual Cardiff-based West Walian songstress supported Gruff Rhys on his solo dates earlier this year and did not look out of place next to his woolly-haired brilliance.
As usual the main protagonists seem determined to fit the stereotypes: woolly-haired scientists, determined to push back the frontiers of knowledge; guitar-grinding protesting hippies, faintly scary businessmen after a quick buck; and in the middle of it all, the farmer with a permanently puzzled look.
As if to test this desire, she drives to a late-night bar, picks up a muscular, woolly-haired fellow named Paolo and eventually repairs with him to a dark, musty, old-fashioned hotel-a setting as different as possible from Paul's apartment.
For the big screen, Nick has become Paul (Colin Firth), a woolly-haired English teacher and obsessive Arsenal fan living through his club's triumphant 1988-89 football season.
Woolly-haired Labour dinosaur - according to Tory David Cameron at least.
A precise centre from Rix was met by woolly-haired Alan Sunderland, who gleefully swept the ball into the net for a sensational winner.
A fellow student tells me that they're an unkind reference to Chelsea's woolly-haired boyfriend, Ian Klause.