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having a woody stem

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Soft-stemmed herbs such as basil can stay in the container for a season, but woody-stemmed kinds that like to ramble - rosemary and mints will need transplanting into the garden after several months.
The woody-stemmed, cone-shaped plant reaches a height of 4 to 8 feet.
The cushioned surface holds soft or woody-stemmed plants in place without damaging the bark and it is ideal for training shrubs and climbers against fences.
One of the fastest-growing woody-stemmed plants (some kinds can grow a foot a day), bamboo is lightweight, beautiful, and surprisingly strong.
Or you could use them to cover the sometimes bare base of the woody-stemmed clematis.
The result of this is hundreds of acres of old woody-stemmed heather that is good for nothing.
Photo: Shape ends of woody-stemmed materials to a point with pruning shears, then poke into straw base
The four woody-stemmed herbs shown at right above are rugged enough to produce all winter in low-elevation portions of California and the desert.