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someone who lives in the woods


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Rod Gillies, head of innovation at Whyte & Mackay (the Glasgow-based company that owns The Woodsman), said: "Everyone loves a good Old Fashioned, and our maple syrup version is a cracker."
After World War II, Colt made a long grip Woodsman, a Challenger, a Huntsman, and the Match Target before discontinuing manufacture.
It puzzles us how this can have parts similar to a semi-auto Colt Woodsman?
The Colt Woodsman in question was, indeed, made in 1940.
Peter makes for an amusing Jack, whose trip up the beanstalk is curtailed by a giant Chris before Quagmire inadvertently saves the day; Stewie's Red runs into trouble, but is left pondering who the real victim was when a psychotic woodsman comes to his rescue; and Lois meets her Prince Charming as she takes the role of Cinders.
Begun in 1912, the Ranger School started as a place to "train men to fill the gap between the average woodsman and the professional forester," and today offers several degree programs (Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation, Land Surveying Technology, and Forest Technology) to both men and women.
Japanese star Koji Yakusho ("Shall We Dance?" and "Babel") plays the titular lumberjack whose life is interrupted by a visiting movie crew in "The Woodsman and the Rain," a film-within-a-film comedy-drama whose sustained charm will amuse film buffs everywhere.
The Special Jury Prize was given to the Japanese production ''The Woodsman and the Rain'' directed by Shuichi Okita.
Mrs Challons, manageress of the Woodsman Arms, in Whickham, was taken to hospital where she underwent a three-hour operation.
Woodsman grows up Knight Woodsman followed up his course and distance success of almost two weeks ago when keeping on strongly for Alex Merriam to secure the 3m handicap chase from Gaelic Flight.
A woodsman on the run befriends a wild bear in a movie that spawned the hit TV series.
We are all familiar with the story about the woodsman that continues to chop wood without taking time to sharpen the ax blade.
The relaxed woodsman: Imagine a yuppie investment banker who in the face of the global recession has decided to change both his career and his look.
My grandfather was a Northern Michigan woodsman. All I have of him is a picture of him standing next to the "deer pole" with three large black bears hanging from it.
The team receives help from a woodsman, blacksmith and basketmaker when the farm needs emergency repairs.