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ware for domestic use made of wood

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Additional markets for EWP raw material include toys, woodenware, novelties, signs, caskets, shade and map rollers, Venetian blinds, and products used in building construction--EWP furring was formerly a leading construction species.
Red Hickory--Carya ovalis, family Juglandaceae; a deciduous tree grown for its valuable wood, used in tool handles, ladders, furniture, sporting goods, implements, woodenware, and for fuel and smoking meat.
in Salem, Ore., carries and highlights an assortment of American-made goods, including products from Nordic Ware, Lodge, USA Pan, Vitamix and Finex, a local producer of cast iron cookware, along with locally made woodenware.
Favorite sessions included "Miners Died and Widows Cried: Death in the Iron Mines," "From Timber to Tables: Munising Woodenware," and "A Superior Story: Munising's History."
woodenware, pellets, flour, crossties, etc) Type of Employment Employees/Firm Manufacturing Wood Containers 14,182 18.2 & Pallets Miscellaneous 25,527 14.6 Wood (incl.
Coinciding with the exhibition, a book titled "Bucket Town: Woodenware and Wooden Toys of Hingham, Massachusetts, 1635-1945,'' will be published by The Hingham Historical Commission.
It is also a popular choice for: turnery and woodenware, musical instruments and piano parts, sports equipment, shoe lasts and bobbins.
Let the Buying BeginHaving accomplished the latter, establish the opportunistic assortments the store is going to offer like bar accessories, cleaning products and supplies, kitchen electrics, serving and buffet accessories, shakers and mills, and woodenware, for example.
Chip carving is used to decorate plates, trinket boxes and other woodenware. A geometric design is drawn on with a compass and ruler, and small chips of wood are removed from below the surface.
Bitternut Hickory--Carya cordiformis; a deciduous tree, family Juglandaceae; grown for shade, and for its wood, which is used in making tool handles, ladders, furniture, sporting goods, implements, woodenware, and for fuel and smoking meat.
Some of its woodenware is crafted by Amish farmers in Ohio who glue together the off-pieces from furniture manufacturing to create serving pieces; its hand salad servers are handcrafted in Appalachia.
MM: My grandmother, an artist who raised me for a good part of my childhood, owned a wooden a bowl that had been made by the Munising Woodenware Company.
The gardens were established by Morton Converse, a local woodenware and toy manufacturer, and once flourished with dozens of elms.
Tabletop exhibits were the most prominent at the fair, followed by home textiles, woodenware, lighting equipment and decorative accessories.
Other uses include: residential and institutional furniture, high-end joinery, musical instruments, flooring, heavy construction, sporting goods, toys, bobbins, woodenware, tool handles, turnery and dock work.