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cuts down trees and chops wood as a job

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Trading as a local's pub, The Woodcutter is best known for its karaoke bar and lively atmosphere, providing live entertainment four nights of the week, and also attracting office and work parties from the town centre.
"I wrote Woodcutter in the winter of 2016 and was lucky to be picked up by my agent David Haviland, of the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency, who then got me published through Thistle Publishing.
TOKYO: TV Tokyo will broadcast on Sunday the first episode of Saudi Arabian anime, "The Woodcutter's Treasure."
The statues were crafted by woodcutters Jan Lukacs of Moldava nad Bodvou and Magdalena Palenarova of eejovce.Worth a total of Pound 17,000, the project was supported by the Terra Incognita programme of the Kosice region.
It was a relief when the woodcutter finished his work, as it seemed like an eternity of waiting."
It is a lucrative business which explained why poor woodcutters from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are willing to risk their life in this difficult terrain, to do an illegal activity.
SlaveBridge also has an opening for a woodcutter in Mullingar "willing to work outside in inclement weather" on a nine-month contract.
Well, it makes perfect sense for a show called The Woodcutter's Cottage, inspired by fairytales, forests and wolves.
"The workers were only within yards of the van when the woodcutter was taken in broad daylight in a lay-by on a busy road.
For every SINGLE player in Woodcutter FC - the youngest aged 17, the eldest only 26 - is on the dole.
Well-known folk tales, such as Sire Chung (Choi, 2005; Lee, 2006), Woodcutter and Tiger Brother (Rhee, 1999), and Green Frog (Lee, 2007), encourage children to build devotion and respect for their parents.
However, Henry has competition from woodcutter Peter, played by Shiloh Fernandez.
The Woodcutter by Reginald Hill, Harper Collins, pounds 7.99 ON the surface Wolf Hadda's life has been a fairytale.
She's in love with a woodcutter but betrothed to a far more viable blacksmith (apparently, that's the village equivalent of choosing between a bricklayer and a barrister).
This is a lovely, old fashioned tale that follows the woodcutter's son's journey.