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Synonyms for woodcut

a print made from a woodcut

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engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it

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Abano recreated the subjects in woodcut on handmade paper, from full-size renders in a two-set, six-piece series, titled Introspection, and in works that frame only her eyes in Self-Gaze.
A workshop on Woodcut printings will be conducted by the Tasneem Shahzad on Thursday, 31st January, whereas, the exhibition will continue till February 1.
The participant took round of the exhibited works at NAG by Tasneem Shahzad woodcut prints, and displayed calligraphy and landscapes paintings by other artist Rasheed Khan.
Though Cristobal Acosta's Tractado borrowed extensively from Orta's earlier published work, it enjoyed greater popularity because of 23 woodcut illustrations.6 It contains an entire chapter on Palms ("Delia Palma, et, del suo Fratto", F76), with illustrations in graphic black and white line, composed on plates that were forced to inhabit the rectangular space within a folio.
Borders and boundaries often feature in Zarina's work, for example in the black-and-white diamond-shaped patterns in the woodcut Behind the Fence, 2017, or the bar-code-like arrangement of collaged strips of black paper of varying thickness in Fence, 2017.
How conscious were you of woodcut as a distinctly German medium, given the Renaissance tradition and, in the 20th century, the Expressionist revival?
The mark is rather unclear and is also found in the middle of a woodcut. Colwell notes that the mark resembles "horns or the vertical spokes of a crown," but I would say that it bears a closer resemblance to those listed as "monts," or mountains, by Charles-Mose Briquet, in which case it is upside down.
A woodcut of Paul Rose, a leader of the Quebec nationalist movement, invokes the fleur-de-lis, a longtime symbol of Quebec, and conveys a general sense of anger without spelling out details.
The upper part of the sign is a multicolored woodcut of the Monitor Combined clover thresher and separator produced by Birdsell.
Many items from the Museum's collection, including texts from the library and mining tools, alongside fun child-friendly activities such as jigsaws, drawing and colouring decorated (illuminated) letters, and playing a magnetic Latin word game all complement the woodcut images illustrating mining life in medieval Germany.
This week, Odell Brewing has introduced Woodcut No.
Around the same time as lianhuanhua, by commissioned professionals, was developed as a popular form of commercial art that attracted urban middle and lower-class consumers, a series of self-produced [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (lianxu tuhua: continuous pictorial narratives) with noticeably European expressionist accents by amateur woodcut artists appeared in book format between 1933 and 1935.
KNOWSLEY Council's Huyton Gallery is to host Anthony Ratcliffe's British landscape and contemporary woodcut printmaking exhibition.
Los Angeles, CA, January 27, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Painter, woodcut artist and writer Bea Gold announced today the release of Tell Me a Story, Stories from a Childhood in Old New York, published by Outskirts Press.