wood engraving

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a print made from a woodcut


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engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it

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As Sir David put it at the launch of the book in London: "Colin See-Paynton has introduced yet another vision to this rich tradition of wood engravings of birds."
Many of the 130-odd lithographs, wood engravings, and source drawings on offer come from the pages of La Caricature, the weekly journal of lithography and political satire for which Grandville worked from 1830 until 1835, when the July Monarchy shut it down; images from Un Autre Monde, a volume published by the artist in 1844, will also be included.
Bewick perfected the art of wood engraving and revolutionised the illustration of natural history.
The book outlines his eventful journey from the family farm in Northumberland to the workshop in Newcastle, where he was to perfect the art of wood engraving and revolutionise the illustration of natural history.
Wood engraving of the Fox icebound from M'Clintock's memoir of the expedition to find Franklin
After a period as his father's apprentice engraver, he moved to London in 1827, to study wood engraving and the work of famous artists.
I have unique mud and wood engraving artworks to my credit.
The period from 1760-1825 was also one of technical advances in production techniques, which saw the beginning of the shift from copper-plate engraving as the main production process for illustrations, to the newer technique of wood engraving, developed by Thomas Bewick in the final quarter of the eighteenth century.
"There will be my limited edition wood engraving prints and additionally a selection of new graphite drawings."
Recently I took up wood engraving which is one of the oldest forms of printing: engraving a piece of densely grained wood to create a relief print from (example below).
Around the region, one can also find carpet weaving, handicraft embroidery, wood engraving, and souvenir shopping.
Caption: Clockwise, from left: Philip Henry Delamotte, extinct-animals model room at the Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London, 1853, wood engraving on paper, 16 x 11".
The exhibition comprises display of wood engraving, painted clay figures, dough moulding, straw collage, paper cutting and embroidery products among others.