wood engraving

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a print made from a woodcut


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engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it

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The superb quality of the wood engravings was favorably compared to the work of England's legendary engraver Thomas Bewick (page thirty-five).
Buckland-Wright also introduced Martin to Charles Ede, the founder of the Folio Society, who commissioned 11 two-colour wood engravings for an edition of Thornton Wilder's The Bridge of St Luis Rey (1956).
He is an authority on wood engraving and produces work which Bewick himself might have admired.
The chapter on wood engraving is somewhat more edifying, especially in suggesting why Blake's relief blocks to illustrate Robert John Thornton's edition of Virgil inspired such disparate reactions from Blake's circle (who worshipped them) and from contemporary professionals in woodcut book illustration (who were appalled at Blake's obliviousness to the graphic conventions of the medium).
The exhibit traces the history of Worcester-based business stationery printer and shows examples of its wood engraving prints, photogravure prints, first-day covers and letterhead stationery.
When wood engraving emerged in the 1830s and 1840s as an inexpensive and convenient form of reproducing images in large print runs, it also introduced new possibilities in the art of the book.
At the Zayed University stand, Shaikh Mohammed viewed handicrafts which demonstrate the creative skills of the female students in painting, wood engraving and jewellery.
Christopher Wormell, who lives in London, has won international awards for his lino cut and wood engraving illustrations.
The art of wood engraving is called Xylography in Greek.
His The Soul of the Night is comprised of 20 essays, each introduced by a lovely wood engraving by well-known illustrator Michael McCurdy that captures the theme Raymo explores within.
For example, the Relief Printing chapter deals with cutting tools, lino cuts, wood cuts, wood engraving and cardboard prints.
The school offered classes on lithography, etching, drypoint, mezzotint and wood engraving until the Groat Depression forced it to close its doors after only a year.
From her first exhibition of wood engravings in 1910, critics consistently remarked on both the beauty of her work and its importance in reviving wood engraving as a fine art.
Using his skills in metal, wood and leather carving, the Tujunga resident had crafted two authentic tents and the sort of goods a viking would find for sale at a market fair, such as a wood engraving of the Norse god Odin and a knife with a handle carved with a dragon's head, its mouth clutching a piece of amber.
It was not copiously illustrated (picture reproduction was not cheap, particularly in the early years, when wood engraving was the norm).