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reddish-brown European ant typically living in anthills in woodlands

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We are committed to preserving Scotland's biodiversity and have made a considerable effort to ensure the successful relocation of hairy wood ant colonies adjacent to the A9 at Kincraig.
Adaptations of Coccinella magnifi ca, a myrmecophilous coccinellid to aggression by wood ants (Formica rufa group).
But we are tweaking our plans to ensure that the wood ant nests continue to thrive.
Ray studies a wood ant nest with insect ecologist Dr Mark Young CAST.
ONE of Britain's most northern colonies of rare Red Wood Ants has been discovered in a Mid Wales woodland.
Once you forget your prejudices, you realise what a noble beast a wood ant really is, being up to a centimetre long with black and red markings.
The Northern Wood Ant is the largest species of ant in the UK - but its numbers are very low.
Haemig of Umea University set out to see just what effect a bird in a tree has on the northern wood ant (Formica aquilonia).
Temperature regulation in nest of the wood ant, Formica polyctena (Hymenoptera, Formicidae).
Nature lovers can see one of the biggest wood ant nests ever discovered in the North
The northern wood ant ( Formica lugubris ( is Britain's biggest and has become so rare that it merits its own species action plan.
Don't miss the opportunity to see the biggest wood ant nests ever discovered in the North.
The Forestry Commission is helping the northern hairy wood ant ( the UK's largest ( bask in its place in the sun by tweaking the management of the 5,000-acre Hamsterley Forest, near Bishop Auckland in County Durham.
However, hidden beneath the snow, billions of individuals are about to stir, because this glittering winter wonderland is home to hundreds of nests of wood ants.