wood anemone

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common anemone of eastern North America with solitary pink-tinged white flowers

European anemone with solitary white flowers common in deciduous woodlands

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From March to April white wood anemones cover woodland floors but I am still looking for a blue one.
The beautiful wood anemone | The beautiful wood anemone
Division is another cheap and easy way to increase your stock of favourite HOMETRUTHS John Humphries But the real chariots of spring are not these grand plants but the native bluebell and white wood anemone rolling out carpets of dazzling brilliance across woodland floors.
JIM BRADY found masses of wood anemone, with wood sorrel among it, at Carr Mill Dam earlier this month, with solitary mining bees active nearby.
GEOFF SMITH sawa brimstone butterfly in his Eccleston garden last month, while Jim Brady observed several big patches of Danish scurvy grass in bloom along the East Lancs Road, and flowering wood anemone, marshmarigold and white dead nettle - I noticed the latter too this week, at Marshside.
In addition, community planting days took place at Marden Quarry and Northumberland Park, where children and adults got hands-on planting native bluebell and wood anemone bulbs to improve the biodiversity and aesthetics of the sites.
The yellow-flowered lesser celandine (llygad Ebrill) is the first to flower in March, and is followed by the wood anemone.
If you want a change from a high-maintenance lawn, turn a section of it into a wildflower meadow, planting spring-flowering bulbs such as the snake's head fritillary and wildflowers such as the cowslip, ragged robin and wood anemone.
The native hedgerows are covered with May Blossom and the woodlands are carpeted with bluebells, wild garlic and wood anemone.
Wrth fynd ati i chwilio ymhellach canfuwyd fod yna nifer o ffwng Blodyn y gwynt, wood anemone prin iawn yma, gan gynnwys tafod y ddaear (Geoglossum; earth tongue) sy'n eithaf anghyffredin, y Trichoglossum walteri (dde isod).
Usually there's wild garlic, celandine and wood anemone growing, which create spectacular carpets on the woodland floor, while species such as the tawny owl, foxes and woodpeckers can also be seen.