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Synonyms for wonted

commonly practiced or used

Synonyms for wonted

commonly used or practiced

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Yes, yes," Mazarin continued, whilst his wonted smile, full of subtlety, lent a strange expression to his pale lips; "yes, these noises prove to me, indeed, that the destiny of favorites is precarious; but ye shall know I am no ordinary favorite.
I fancy, also, that I must by this time have read the Odyssey, for the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice" was in the second volume, and it took me so much that I paid it the tribute of a bald imitation in a mock-heroic epic of a cat fight, studied from the cat fights in our back yard, with the wonted invocation to the Muse, and the machinery of partisan gods and goddesses.
He seemed suddenly to have relapsed into his wonted state of dense stupidity.
But the country did not recover with its wonted elasticity.
There was no tenseness in her body, her arms did not go around him, and her lips met his without their wonted pressure.
The first will be to protect banks from wonted defaulters by making it criminal for a business to fail to pay back its loans.
If the exercises for three months do not give a new impulse to the springs of human life and restore their wonted vivacity, such persons are in a hopeless state of collapse from absolute inanimation.
Why do they have such enormous power over our lives that we all feel irrelevant, our wonted democracy not-withstanding?
As far back as 1792, Dr Thomas Percival addressed the duty of physicians to retire when "experiencing the wonted confidence of their peers".
DPx founder Robert Young Pelton had always wonted something between a machete and a rugged survival knife so he designed the CHOP.
To make any commendation therof to thee, I will not, first reade thy fill thereon, and after iudge as thou findest occasion: yet with thy wonted fauour, to encourage me in proceeding in translation of Primaleon, which by the next Tearme I hope will be accomplished.
Sixty-three percent of those who borrowed but did not complete a degree and who have not yet paid off their student loans say they are wonted about paying bills each month, higher than those who did not attend college at all (54%).
Unto her chamber she withdrew herself apart, Where she was wonted to unload the sorrows of her heart.
Different senses of favoritism among an entity's workers can influence the level to which its fellows establish a unified culture or share common principles (Nica, 2015a, b, c, d), which can alter its schemes, approaches, and wonted existence.
But he flees, terrified, and having reached the silent wilderness He howls, attempts in vain to speak; instead, his mouth Lapped up his inmost rage, unleashed wonted desire For slaughter on the flocks, and even now revels in blood.