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Synonyms for wonky



Synonyms for wonky

turned or twisted toward one side

inclined to shake as from weakness or defect

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Wonky Fruit has also worked with catering company Compass Group and are close to signing a deal with "a large Welsh coffee chain".
Get Wonky juices are currently mostly available as catering options for events, arriving in five-litre boxes that reduce waste by 70% compared to plastic bottles.
5 Cut each wonky unit into 3 trimmed rectangles 3 3/4" x 9 1/2" (Photo E), for a total of 99 trimmed rectangles.
They stole the two-year-old Harris hawk, named Wonky, before making off.
These wonky Nine Patch blocks are fast and easy to make using the Wonky Nine Patch Template set.
The contents of the wonky fruit and vegetable box will vary dependant on the season but customers can expect to see things such as: carrots, potatoes, peppers, cucumber, cabbage, leeks, parsnips and onions, to name a few.
Customer research shows that 65% of Asda customers are now open to the idea of wonky veg and 75% are drawn in by the significantly low price, which led to the range becoming a permanent fixture in the following stores in Merseyside: Aintree, Bromborough' Ellesmere Port (New), Hunts Cross, Huyton (New), Liscard, Runcorn, Sefton, Walton, Westbrook, Widnes (New), Skelmersdale and St Helens.
Sasha earned her nickname of Wonky Cat after she had an electric shock on site, then fell from a building at a height of 20ft.
That's a simple example of the way that we have to make sure that the wonky but incredibly important stuff that we do at OMB is right, to make sure that we're really pricing in climate change in the right way," he said.
This beautifully illustrated and humorous book details, in rhyme, all the things Mum and Dad are good for, from carrying toys to holding up wonky tents.
Yes, he may have a wonky hat and a wonky wand but he knows how to work magic so when he, and his best friend Monty, decide to join a carnival and begin their very own magic show the future is looking very bright.
I love odd-coloured eyes, wonky teeth, something slightly off about a face - they are the things that make us unique and beautiful," she added.
We would love you to send us pictures of your little angels, your grumpy sheep and your wonky donkeys from nativity plays at schools, nurseries or churches.
WICKED WITCH: Scoop seeds out from the bottom, so the stem makes a wonky nose.
Super-premium chocolate brand Venezuelan Black, which featured in Channel 4's Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory series, is being overhauled following its February hunch.