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an insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious

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Wonk's poetry is visual but also metaphorical, and is not given to facile, literal interpretation into another medium.
As a policy wonk, I believe that student learning flourishes in classrooms that include students with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds.
Any road, Monsieur Wonk was going to put a spell on my Writing Wizard, the Microsoft thingy which puts a file like what you have written on to a disc for you.
He's talking about Democratic Washington: the liberal Ivy League mandarins, consultants, and wonks, many of them refugees from the Clinton administration, insiders whom he believes have run the Democratic Party and the progressive movement into the ground, by valuing compromise over confrontation.
(In case you're alarmed,dear reader, a wonk is not a misspelled word but a term used for the young, bright and often fresh uni versity graduates who gravitate towards New Labour).
Although it poses as an objective, scholarly think tank, WINEP is really a Mideast "wonk factory" for the internationalist set at the Council on Foreign Relations.
Even more interesting, for a policy wonk, employment statistics showed this sector had grown by 34 percent over the last decade, compared with 4.6 percent growth in general employment.
Deirdre Delisi, Perry's former chief of staff and currently serving as chair of the Texas Transportation Commission, will serve as chief policy wonk. Her exact title isn't clear yet.
Young couples are not getting married because an average wedding costs pounds 20,000, and they can't pay, according to a policy wonk.
Faint-hearted readers should be warned: This is a book by a policy wonk, for policy wonks, and you have to be interested in refundable tax credits to make it from cover to cover.
IN FEBRUARY, COLUMBIA University's Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) released the policy wonk equivalent of a Girls Gone Wild spring break video.
Alas, despite her candor and chosen profession, Leonard's presentation was more like a lawyer's or a policy wonk's than an adult entertainer's.
No wonder that the New York Transit Authority welcomed Barbara Kruger's full-wrap propaganda bus (with, among other quotes, one from Frantz Fanon about the inadvisability of ideology that should reassure even the most opportunistic Clinton policy wonk), while it tried to find a way to get Calvin Klein ads off the subway.
A few, like Woodrow Wilson and Adlai Stevenson, have been professorial, though many more (usually unsuccessful) candidates have been a closely related type: the wonk, a character often nominated in recent years by the Democratic Party.
Merchant banker-cum-policy wonk Oliver Letwin is the Tory toff's new best friend.