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So the throng moved on, until at the very gate it was brought to a stand by a wondrously fat man, who came darting forth from the town with rage in every feature of his rubicund face.
Go you to a brook hollow where they grow some late summer twilight at dewfall; and on the still air that rises suddenly to meet you will come a waft of faint, aromatic fragrance, wondrously sweet and evasive, the distillation of that despised thistle bloom.
The windows were very high up; the glass was red, blue, and green, and the sunlight shone through quite wondrously in all sorts of colors.
The little governess who had lately been installed in the house found her work grow wondrously easy, for Tom slaved at his lessons, in order to make sure of his note to the schoolmaster.
Most eagerly of all her mind turned to the wondrously exciting problem about to be solved: behind which of all these fascinating doors was waiting now her room--the dear, beautiful room full of curtains, rugs, and pictures, that was to be her very own?
Her hair of a shining raven black, and curiously braided; her eyes were dark, but gentle, although animated; her features of a regular proportion, and her complexion wondrously fair, each cheek tinged with a lovely pink.
Grummer, whose dignity, like the dignity of a great many other men, had been wondrously augmented by a little popularity.
My respect for his powers of analysis increased wondrously.
Apple's own foldout Smart keyboard is wondrously light and portable, but lacks a row of function keys or backlit buttons - now offered by Logitech's Create third party effort.
Some of the things we're unearthing from closets and storerooms are as wondrously weird as my shark's-teeth star.
I don't know about you, but in our house we popped the cork on a fine, unassuming, value-for-money, sparkling wine (while mouthing wondrously, "how much was this again?
through the wondrously anthemic melancholia of Yes, I Was Drunk and the soaring pop glory of Free.
He was wondrously camp and egocentric, and scuttled about the stage on his knees with the rapidity of a demented crab.
Ink Lotus," with two artists seals, contains the artist's statement in calligraphy that translates as: "An utter chaos strewn with broken strokes: a peculiar sight, yet wondrously endowed with soul-soothing charm.
DeMarco also notes that the illusion lace used in the gown works wondrously on all skin tones.