won-lost record

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(sports) a record of win versus losses

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Allen Webster, who has the best won-lost record in the Red Sox rotation at 3-1, will be the Boston starter.
ARCADIA - Now that Lost in the Fog has run his won-lost record to a nice round 10-0, it's time to consider the ultimate honor for the popular colt and his uncommonly wise managers.
Running a responsible program and your won-lost record may seem more important, but at least part of running a successful program is learning to "Play Your Cards Right.
One way to measure their contributions is by the team's won-lost record with them in the starting lineup.
When faced with the task of reversing a negative trend in your won-lost record, you will have to address several vital factors.
Home of mighty UCLA, to pay homage to the two coaches (one retired) with the most awesome combined won-lost record in the book.
He had a similar won-lost record after nine games at 3-4 in 2009 even though his ERA was 5.
ANAHEIM - Let's give the Fire Jim Tracy mob a chance to guess which of the managers in this Dodgers-Angels series has the better won-lost record.
The boys team started with good chemistry and a winning record, but as the season progressed, the team chemistry declined and so did the won-lost record.
0-100: Zippy Chippy's career won-lost record as he's retired this month.
Every year we'll take a couple of hours to sit down with the players and establish offensive, defensive, individual and team goals, and even a won-lost record.
Our won-lost record is less than we had hoped for,'' Farrell said, "but we're moving in the right direction, especially with our team health and our offensive approach.
Perez pitched better than his won-lost record for most of the season, but not lately.
The once-beaten Trojans' remaining games are against three unranked teams with a combined won-lost record of 13-14.
It just seems that teams play, even though they might not be playing to a high won-lost record, they will play to their maximum potential because of the audience that is expected to watch the games on Christmas.