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burrowing herbivorous Australian marsupials about the size of a badger

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Joe Ferrara, president/CEO of Wombat Security Technologies, said, "This is yet another proof point that an overall security posture is multifaceted and needs to include employee education to prevent against increasingly more sophisticated phishing attacks, which leave companies vulnerable to significant losses and business disruption.
Tourism Australia's trivia about the wombat has led some Facebook users to comment on Patrick's virginity.
The nocturnal wombat doesn't seem too bothered by the early arrivals but as more and more cheeky feathered friends arrive, the tired wombat slowly finds it more difficult to get some much needed sleep.
Brigitte Stevens, from the Wombat Awareness Organisation, said it was a "huge and overwhelming" problem.
According to IAT, the E2E Wombat Interface provides reliable high speed market data which, when combined with Orc Liquidator, makes it the right platform to suit the company's needs for algorithmic trading.
I'll retract the rape complaint from the wombat, because he's backed off," said Arthur.
For its hard work, the wombat wants to be rewarded.
Walker could get crushed if a wombat tried to rush past her in a tunnel.
His rather overheated Egyptological wombat, shown whizzing past the pyramids, is an excellent example, and was much later chosen by Lady Burne-Jones as an illustration for her memoir.
The Wombat HighLow positioning chair is designed for children one to twelve years old with mild to moderate levels of physical disabilities.
Of course Australia is best known for its marsupial mammals: several species of kangaroo and their smaller cousins, the wallabies; the sweet-faced rural-and urban-dwelling ring-tailed possum; and the chubby hairy-nosed wombat.
BOISE, Idaho-ProTeam has added to its line of premium canister and upright vacuum cleaners by introducing a high-powered Wombat canister.
You sell the Wombat II commercially and to agencies for $4500.