woman chaser

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a man who is aggressive in making amorous advances to women

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"I did think I might be a bit of a woman chaser in the show - only because that's all I'd ever played," he smiles.
Quite simply, he was not a woman chaser. Very much the opposite, in fact, and for this there is abundant and vivid evidence: Lincoln almost literally ran away from eligible girls and women until he married at the late age of 33, a union he had delayed and agonized over, and finally consummated with what appears to have been considerable reluctance.
Latter takes great umbrage at the seeming condescension of flown-in NASA consultant Al Burnett (Patrick Warburton, contribbing a variation on his button-down '60s manly man from "The Woman Chaser").
"The Woman Chaser," directed by Robinson Devor, a black comedy that premiered at the New York Film Festival.
Richard Hudson Patrick Warburton Used Car Dealer Eugene Roche Bill Ron Morgan Laura Emily Newman Leo Paul Malevitz Mother Lynette Bennett Chet Joe Durrenberger Becky Marilyn Rising Salvation Army Woman Pat Crowder Deceptively titled, "The Woman Chaser" concerns a 1950s used car salesman who's obsessed not with erotic pursuits but with making his own low-budget movie.