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Northumbria Police said a woman's body has found during their search of the home.
A local investigating judge gave undertakers the go-ahead to remove the woman's body at around 3pm after forensic experts finished collecting potential evidence from the scene.
Designed by Australian designer Aheda Zanetti, the burkini, according to Wikipedia, is 'intended to accord with Islamic traditions of modest dress,' covering up parts of a woman's body not intended for public viewing while enabling the wearer to enjoy the benefits and pleasure of swimming.
Just over an hour after emergency services were called to the farm, the discovery of the woman's body was made.
10am today that a woman's body was hanging from a tree in Watling Wood, Leadgate, near Consett.
Results of three independent studies suggest a woman's body image is linked strongly to her perception of what she thinks men prefer.
Enslavement, colonialism and settlement in the metropole created the Black woman's body as both other/same and deeply affective whether read as fear, disgust, contempt or fascination.
A WOMAN'S body has been found by firefighters after a blaze broke out at a pub in Dyserth in Denbighshire.
gasping The woman's body soared up into the sky well falling higher
the woman's body was recovered by dock gate 4, where the frigate Van Speijk is moored, by around 9.
POLICE launched a murder investigation after inquiries into a serious car crash led officers to discover a woman's body at a house.
Summary: A woman's body found in a hotel apartment in Jumeirah has led to the arrest of an Emirati man on the charge of using drugs, a court was told.
The woman's body was scheduled to be examined by the County Institute of Forensic Sciences.
INVESTIGATIONS were continuing today after a woman's body was found in a Teesside flat.