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He died in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, and the woman's body was discovered by police 13 miles away in Long Melford, where the 1980s BBC drama Lovejoy was filmed.
And when I asked the husband about wiped blood stains found near the woman's body, he replied that the victim wiped it herself.
Police at |the scene after a woman's body was found
EMERGENCY RESPONSE: The scene where the woman's body was recovered
Northumbria Police said "inquiries at the scene" led officers to an address in Holywell, Blyth, Northumberland, where another woman's body was discovered.
Summary: A woman's body found in a hotel apartment in Jumeirah has led to the arrest of an Emirati man on the charge of using drugs, a court was told.
The woman's body was scheduled to be examined by the County Institute of Forensic Sciences.
INVESTIGATIONS were continuing today after a woman's body was found in a Teesside flat.
What Wasylkiw and Williamson's work sheds light on, is how much of a young woman's body concerns are shaped by her perceptions of peers' concerns with their own body versus her peers' actual body concerns.
A WOMAN'S body was discovered washed up on a popular beach by a man walking his dog.
MYSTERY surrounds a woman's body washed up on a quiet Northumberland beach.
Summary: A woman's body has been found in a large holdall bag in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.
While the spot is secluded, it is regularly used by dog walkers so it was thought the woman's body would have only been there for about a day at most before being discovered.
Since the bottom half of the woman's body was found it has become difficult for authorities to identify her.
Members of her family are now travelling from the Romanian capital Bucharest to formally identify the woman's body.