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poisonous Eurasian perennial herb with broad rounded leaves and yellow flowers and fibrous rootstock

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She added while mental health workers knew he had the wolfsbane they could not divulge this and he was "appropriately cared for".
On top of that, we get to play alongside Wolfsbane.
Briggs reads a brief, interesting author's note at the beginning of the audio to explain her writing and publishing choices, a nice piece to set the stage for Wolfsbane.
Likewise, Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter novels relies upon a wolfsbane potion.
Watson, Presbyterians can boast to having everyone from David Letterman to New Mutant's Wolfsbane as well as 50 per cent of cartoon mega-stars The Simpsons who attend the fictitious "Presbylutheran" church.
Despite his powers, he is vulnerable to such simple defenses as garlic, wolfsbane, crucifixes, and holy water.
Conservative" readers grab your wolfsbane, garlic and crucifixes.
A hokey gypsy proverb - "Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.
Singh laced a curry in Lakhvinder's home with the lethal Indian herb wolfsbane - known by the ancient Greeks as the "queen of poisons", News of the World reports.
So she laced their leftover curry with aconite - also known as wolfsbane or the Queen of Poisons.
Among them are wolfsbane, bryony, comfrey, foxglove, hemp, holly, ivy, mandrake, nightshades, poppies, strychos, tobacco, wormwood, and yew.
We were once told by an old Transylvanian stockmeister that rubbing in some wolfsbane before bleaching often assures success in bleaching out witch-brewed stains.
Does winning a Classic trump winning a selling handicap with a horse that has broken its neck three times and been declared clinically dead at least once, before being brought back to life with an old stockman's remedy consisting of wolfsbane, molasses and an electric cattle prod?
However, caution is advised as monkshood and wolfsbane are poisonous, and gloves should be worn when gardening with these plants.